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Serving customers with food allergies & dietary restrictions has never been easier! Just sign-up, enter your menus and ingredients and Publish! DONE! You're Live! We provide you with all the tools to get you ‘up and running’ efficiently and quickly!
AllerDining automatically creates your very own (branded) mobile Interactive Menu Personalizer App. This app is a great way for your guests to view personalized menu options, based on their unique set of restrictions and preferences. We host the App so you don't need any IT resources. All you do is add a link on your existing Website. You can also add the app link on your in-house tablet(s) for use by your staff.
We create additional food ordering channels for your guests. They can order-ahead using Allerdining's Interactive Menu Personalizer App. That's more business for you. We also promote your restaurant through our partners channels and their applications. Contact us if you need more information!

Product Information

AllerDining offers a powerful and secure cloud platform that enables restaurants (you) to securely enter menus, ingredients and product information from anywhere anytime. Once the data is entered, the system automatically generates a guest facing web application to closely match your branding color scheme, fonts and image.

The guest facing app can be run on any smartphone or tablet and ready for use instantly.

Once diners start using the app you can get analytics on guest behavior and their preferences via the reporting and analytics module on the AllerDining dashboard. Analytics can provide valuable insight and guide menu development. Some of our existing restaurant brands have changed their recipes based on the analytics provided by our reports.

In addition, you can potentially connect to over 50 million diners in the US that have dietary restrictions or just prefer to dine where they can personalize their meals.

With the guest facing app a diner will be able to select their preferences, search your restaurant menus, select and personalize their meal, just the way they like it. They will also be able to look at menu ingredients, so they know exactly what in their food. Then they can save their favorite meals, share it or even order (in some cases ordering capability may require additional integration with your existing on-line ordering system).

Place promos, coupons or other incentives to attract diners on the Menu Personalizer® app. Location based promotions that drive new customers to your restaurant.

Drive even more traffic to your restaurant with extended reach to potential diners via AllerDining's Partners Channels


$49/mo for upto 3 restaurant locations.
If you have more than 3 locations it is $49/mo plus $19/mo per additional location.

We can provide you with all the help you need to setup your menus efficiently and quickly!

Num of Locations Cost per Month
1 $49
2 $49
3 $49
Each additional location $19

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Connecting Restaurants to Diners

AllerDining is striving to build the largest eco-system of preference based dining. Presently we have over 200,000 restaurant locations, and over 5 million users

We know ordering meals via the popular on-line ordering systems is limited at best. One can add/remove ingredients to customize a meal, and then order. This is no doubt a very critical functionality.

But the consumer landscape is changing. More and more diners are wanting to know what's in their food! They want to see ingredients and then decide how they want to customize their meal. People want information so they can make smart choices. Take a Vegan* diner for example. There's no point showing options that contain meat, dairy or other animal products to a Vegan when customizing an on-line order. It becomes frustrating when there is inadequate information on the ingredients. AllerDining solves this problem! It allows diners to specify their preferences and the system instantly analyze the menus and show what the diner can eat. This makes personalizing meals easy and pleasurable.

AllerDining believes that every diner deserves to know what's in their food. Diners have the right to personalize meals to their liking.

*Note: There are presently 1.7 million Vegans in the US alone, and increasing fast. There are over 20 million Vegetarians in the US. There are about 4 million people with Gluten sensitivities. In addition, there are 20 million people with various dietary restrictions.

AllerDining Partners

AllergyEats The Leading Guide to Allergy-Friendly Restaurants Nationwide.

DineAware In a way, food allergy is like a ‘language’ and not knowing how to speak it can create communication roadblocks for foodservice staff and guests. Dine Aware™ is online, video-driven food allergy training that makes your entire team fluent in that ‘language’ so service doesn’t slow down, mistakes are minimized, ordering decisions are informed, experiences are outstanding and staff are empowered. And, when you empower your employees you empower your customers. Want to learn more? We would love to hear from you.

CEO: Atul Ahuja   linkedin

Entrepreneur at heart, Atul has extensive experience in conceptualizing and developing technological solutions. He is well versed in all aspects of restaurant business and technology, nutrition, data analysis, data integration, SaaS and BI. He is also the chief architect of the AllerDining platform.

He has over 25 years of experience in developing innovative products and has taken several business ideas from inception to delivery, resulting in multi-million dollar revenue growth.

He holds a bachelor's in Business & a master’s degree in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

AllerDining is located in Denver, Colorado. Come join our team! We are looking for self-motivated marketing associates to join us and help achieve our mission. email info@allerdining.com

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