Making personalized meal options a reality!

Join AllerDining’s network and connect to over 50 million diners in the US that have preferences, restrictions and a desire to personalize their meals.

Ordering meals via the regular on-line ordering apps is not an option for these diners.

AllerDining offers your guests the ability to create personalized meal options based on your regular menu offerings interactively. As low as $99 per month (up to 3 locations)



Our FREE downloadable app gives you the power to personalize your menu options based on preferences or restrictions at thousands of locations throughout the US.

Whether you are traveling to an unknow area or trying to find restaurants near your home you can view your options with just a few clicks.

Information from partner-restaurants on the AllerDining network is available in real-time.

Download the FREE Menu Personlizer® app!

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Menu Personlizer®

Select from thousands of locations on the AllerDining Network

Restaurant Platform

AllerDining offers a powerful cloud platform that enables restaurants to securely upload menus, ingredients and product information. Get started in 3 easy steps:

  • Sign-up with AllerDining
  • Enter your menus & ingredients
  • Publish!

Publish auto-creates your very own branded Menu Personalizer® for use by your diners, staff or placement on your website.

You can enter menus and ingredients all by yourself, or if you need assistence, we can help you get up-and-running! Make menu updates from a easy-to-use web-based AllerDining dashboard. Also cascade the changes to all endpoints in real-time. It is simplicity and control, all-in-one!

Menu Personalizer®

Menu Personalizer® App auto creates allergen menus based on user-selected restrictions and preferences. Diners can instantly personalize the meals the way they like it. Then save their favorite meals, or order.

AllerDining hosts the app so restaurants don't need any IT resources or servers.

Get analytics on guest behavior and their preferences via the reporting and analytics module on the AllerDining dashboard. Analytics can provide valuable insight and guide menu development. Some of our existing restaurant brands have changed their recipes based on the analytics provided by our system.

Extended reach via Partner Channals

Extend reach to potential diners via Partners Channels

Place promos, coupons or other incentives to attract diners on the Menu Personalizer® app. Location based promotions that drive new customers to your restaurant.

Available Packages for Restaurants

AllerDining for Restaurants
Per month
for upto 3 locations
Promote to the food Allergy Community
Per month/per location
Restaurant food Allergy Training with
Certified Nutrition Services
per recipe

Application for Diners: Menu Personlizer®

FREE to download and use!
  • Download Menu Personalizer® mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Select and save your preferences and restrictions in the app.
  • Start using it to find hundreds of restaurant locations near you that let you personalize and order your meals based on your preferences and restrictions.

Menu Personalizer® app features real-time accurate ingredient and menu information from our Partner Restaurants and published information from restaurants in the public domain

Meet The AllerDining Team

CEO: Atul Ahuja linkedin

Atul is a serial entrepreneur. With extensive experience in conceptualizing and developing technological solutions, he is very knowledgeable in the area of restaurant technology, development processes, AI and nutrition.

With 25+ years of experience in spearheading innovative enterprise grade products and services, he has taken several business ideas from inception to delivery, resulting in multi-million dollor revenue growth.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science (MS) from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

AllerDining is located in Denver, Colorado. Several of our marketing associates work from coast-to-coast.
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